The trainer

David Tchilingirian

As a Registered Nutritionist, specialising in Public Health, I take the science of nutrition and make it practical and helpful to every day life.

I’m a graduate of Human Nutrition from King’s College London, and have a post graduate diploma in Public Health from the University of Westminster and a PTTLS teaching qualification and come recommended as a experienced, dynamic trainer.

logo-nutrinsightTrading as Nutrinsight, I work as a consultant for a wide range of companies, charities, Local Authorities and the NHS. I’ve been delivering this course since 2012 with excellent results.

You can trust what I say about nutrition because I’m registered with the Association for Nutrition, my professional body, and work to their code of ethics.

You can find my details on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists.

Here is a small selection of what’s been said about my training:

Association for Nutrition CPD Accreditation

“The course has a proven track record for successful training outcomes. It is evidence based, and well referenced from reputable journals, organisations and Public Health bodies. It also draws on the experiences of real (anonymized) clients, and has been fine-tuned and improved over the three years the course has been running.”

Association for Nutrition CPD Accreditation

Family Information Service Assistant

“Excellent trainer, really useful content, well delivered lots of chances for group discussion.”

Family Information Service Assistant - West Sussex – 2013

Practice Nurse Bexley

“It has given me the confidence to overcome hurdles which would have prevented me opening the issue of weight with children and the tools to identify and understand which children are overweight and obese.”

Practice Nurse Bexley 2015

GP Bexley

“This meeting was completely collaborative and interactive with assortment of views freely expressed, augmented and assisted by well trained, knowledgeable, competent trainer. Consistent with his training and experience in teaching and training this group.”

GP Bexley 2015

Health Visitor 2015

“Really made me think about how I talk to patients and encouraging them to think about their own solution.

Health Visitor - Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust 2015

Health Trainer 2016

“Really interesting discussions around weight. It forced me to reflect on how I might approach some real life situations and what I would say. Super delivery David, very motivational.”

Health Trainer 2016